Spoil them
with love

and lots & lots of treats!

Spoil them
with love

and lots & lots of treats!

Treat all pets like royalty! πŸΆπŸ±πŸ‘‘

I love pets, the same way they love us. That's why I make small batch pet treats with organic, all natural limited ingredients. To keep your pets happy, healthy, and feeling great.

Nutritious and delicious. Dog and cat approved!

Best Seller and Dog Fav!
Snappin' Salmon
Single-Ingredient, Wild Salmon, Crunchy Treats
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Meet Ava πŸ’›πŸ‘‹

I started my business because I wanted to create a healthier world for pets, people and our planet.

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So much love, thank you! πŸ™Œ


"Chet's FAVORITE snack is Ava's "Crunchy Jerky Dog Treats - Salmon Chips For Dogs." He would eat them morning, noon, and night if we let him. They are healthy for him -- and we are so happy to be able to get them at home with the click of an order button. THANK YOU, Ava!!"

Lance E.

"My Frenchie loves her Ava's heart-shaped treats and can't move fast enough to get them. At night, she gets a few hearts, which I break up and hide in her bed. She drools A LOT as she waits the ten seconds it takes for me to hide them. It's 10% gross and 90% adorable. We're on a subscription for this bundle now and happy about it!!"

Amy J.

"Romeo and Sunshine LOVE your organic treats! We have autoship and it’s so great to have them delivered to our door. The size of the treat is perfect and I am so happy they are organic and healthy! The pups come running when they hear the crinkle of the bag! Thank you, Ava!!!πŸΆπŸΆπŸ’œ"

Connie L.

"Kaia loves these treats and I love supporting an amazing young business owner. Ava is the best!)"

Danielle C.

"Freddy can't resist Ava's Salmon Nuggets. We became a monthly subscriber several month ago so we would always have some in the house. They are Freddy's absolute favorite treats!!"

Kara M.

"Ava! You have the best dog treats! The only dog treats that don’t hurt my dogs lil tummy. Thank you!"

Holly C.

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