Giving Back

Because all pets deserve our love and yummy treats! 💗🌈

I love to support the people and organizations who love our animals and pets. Each month I choose a special organization to donate a portion of my sales to. And throughout the month I also do special shout outs and donations on my Instagram! Make sure to also sign up for emails to be notified of special giving campaigns.

And I love your suggestions for rescue organizations to support. Send me your ideas!

A Bigger Purpose Kitten Rescue

BPKR was founded by 12-year-old Riley in the summer of 2019, now 15, Riley has rescued over 230 kittens. We take in the smallest, most critical kittens, and give them a 2nd shot at life. We provide our smallest kittens with incubator units, oxygen, and lot’s of extra TLC.

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