Giving Back

Because all pets deserve our love and yummy treats! 💗🌈

I love to support the people and organizations who love our animals and pets. Each month I choose a special organization to donate a portion of my sales to. And throughout the month I also do special shout outs and donations on my Instagram! Make sure to also sign up for emails to be notified of special giving campaigns.

And I love your suggestions for rescue organizations to support. Send me your ideas!

SOCAT Animal Rescue Ministry Foundation, a 508c1a Organization

This organization, run by Calvin Tucker, aka as @blacknoah1 is one of my favorite to support all year round. If you aren't new here, you have seen Black Noah featured several times! I encourage you to check out his social media to see what one man and a passion for helping animals can accomplish! It is truly inspiring.

He recently helped get this sweet kitty, Teddy rescued last month, among so many other deserving pets ❣️

If you would like to learn more, donate or just morally support his mission, please visit the link below.

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