Giving Back

Because all pets deserve our love and yummy treats! 💗🌈

I love to support the people and organizations who love our animals and pets. Each quarter I choose a special organization to donate a portion of my sales to. And during that time I also do special shout outs and donations on my Instagram! I'm super excited to now have these cute bands! 100% of the proceeds from the sale of them, will go to this quarter's featured organization!

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And I love your suggestions for rescue organizations to support. Send me your ideas!

Treat All Pet Like Royalty Bands

100% of the proceeds from the sale of these bands will go to Ava's chosen rescue or organization of the month. Available in adult (7.5 in) and children (6.5 in) sizes.

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Monthly Rescue Feature

For our 1st quarter rescue feature, we're excited to put a spotlight on The Black Thornberry. Nina Love, founder, works tirelessly to save cats in her Philadelphia neighborhood. Please take some time to learn more about her and her passion for helping animals!

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