💕Reading, Cooking, Outdoors & Fashion💕

Hey guys, Ava here!! I ended freshman year May 17th and have been taking some time to relax, I hope you guys are all having a great start to your summer as well :)

When finding new businesses or interesting products, I always enjoy reading about who is behind the company and their story. While we’ve done blogs focusing on my business story and it’s even on my website, today I wanted to share something different. Two summers ago I did a Q&A with my mom (we plan on doing another one this summer!) and seeing as it's been two whole years and things have changed so much with me, it’s time for an update! But this time its in this blog and it's all about my fav things to do!

I’ve picked up so many new (and old) hobbies that I have loved doing and I'm excited to share some of them with you guys!!

#1 Reading! I never would have thought reading would be one of my favorite things to do in my free time, but here I am and I absolutely love it. I have a bookshelf with many books I plan on reading and lots of books I’ve already read! I enjoy reading Realistic Fiction books including romance (by my absolute favorite author, Colleen Hoover!!) and books that focus on personal growth and development like the “I am a” series. Reading has easily became one of my favorite hobbies and I could not be more glad that it did!

#2 Cooking/baking - This one has to be one of my favorites and tastiest😋 Recently I’ve enjoyed making all kinds of different dishes. I love experimenting with different ingredients and seasonings and just seeing what I can make! I really enjoy using our air fryer to make the cooking process a lot faster (and easier). A few of my favorite food items I have made are homemade tortilla chips, different types of avocado toast, many varieties of salads, homemade chip dip, homemade sushi,  oatmeal recipes and many other  of my own recipes that I put together quickly in the kitchen. Now for desserts... As much as I enjoy making big servings of cake, cupcakes or maybe brownies; I love making them in mugs even more. Recently, I’ve been into mug cakes, they are so easy to make if I want a midnight snack or an easy and delicious “after lunch” treat. My favorite recipe is from Emmies Goodies on Youtube 1 Minute Microwave Mug Cake Recipes



#3 Spending time outside - As crazy as the weather in Chicago can get, these past few days have been very nice (with some slight rain) and I’ve enjoyed every second of it. Being outside has always been something I’ve enjoyed, whether in the winter or spring, but now that it’s almost summer and I can really enjoy the outdoors and I’ve been soaking it all up! We recently added some new (and old) lounge things for our back patio. I’ve really enjoyed relaxing in our blue swing while reading, going on sunset/evening walks with my mom and getting the most amazing pics of the sun and other nature. Lacy loves the outside too (especially the grass)! If I’m outside, Lacy is as well! She loves running through the backyard and rolling around in the grass, every chance she gets.

#4 Fashion - Lately I've really been into finding my style and trying different types of clothes. I enjoy trying new styles, new stores and having fun with what I wear! A few of my favorites pieces of clothing lately would be my cargo pants from a online store I recently found called Asos. Along with the clothes are always shoes! I love all different types of shoes but my 2 favorites would be Jordan's and Converse. I actually just got a new pair of converse that I'm super excited to wear :)

Thank you so much for all of your support, it truly means the world to me!! I’m excited to continue growing Ava's Pet Palace and having you guys along for the journey. Until the next blog, see you guys later!!🥰🥰🤍