10 Simple Commands to Teach Your Dog with Ava's Treats

Training your furry friend is not just about obedience; it's about strengthening the bond you share. Using my treats as high-value rewards, you can make this training journey fun and rewarding for both of you. In honor of Dog Training Education Month, here are 10 simple commands to get you started:

  1. Sit The foundation of dog training, 'Sit' is an essential command that helps in various situations, from calm greetings to preparing for other tricks.
  2. Stay Teaching 'Stay' is about cultivating patience and self-control in your dog, invaluable traits for both safety and calm behavior.
  3. Come The 'Come' command is crucial for recall, ensuring your dog returns to you safely when off-leash or in distracting environments.
  4. Down 'Down' is great for encouraging calmness and relaxation, especially in busy or overwhelming settings.
  5. Leave It This command is vital for preventing your dog from picking up or eating things that might be harmful or unwanted.
  6. Heel 'Heel' keeps your dog walking calmly by your side, perfect for controlled and enjoyable walks.
  7. Fetch A fun way to exercise both their body and mind, 'Fetch' combines playtime with learning.
  8. Drop It Essential for safety, 'Drop It' teaches your dog to let go of whatever is in their mouth upon command.
  9. Shake 'Shake' is a friendly and polite way for your dog to greet people, adding a touch of charm to their interactions.
  10. Speak Training your dog to 'Speak' on command helps manage and control excessive barking, turning it into a controlled behavior.

    Here are a few examples of how you can pet these commands into action!

    The Sit & Stay Command is foundational and simple. Start by holding a piece of a Snappin' Salmon treat close to your dog's nose, raising it gradually. As their gaze follows, they'll naturally sit. Once they're seated, praise and reward!

    Next, comes the "stay" command. With an extended palm towards your dog, step back and command "stay." If they maintain their position, celebrate with another piece of treat.

    Another crucial command for bonding is the "Come When Called". Lower yourself to their level, call them enthusiastically, and watch them dash into your arms, ready for their treat. These commands are essential not just for safety, but for establishing trust and understanding between you and your pet.

    Dogs love to play, and integrating tricks with playtime deepens your bond. The Spin or Twirl is a playful trick that's sure to impress. Lure them in a circle using a treat and as they follow, say "spin". Once they’ve completed the circle, reward them for their graceful twirl.

    Another gentle interaction is the
    Paw (or Shake Hands) trick. After getting them to sit, tap their paw, ask for a "shake", and give them a treat when they comply.

    Lastly, the
    Lie Down command is not just cute but also a calming command. Guide the treat from their nose to the floor, and as they lie down, reward and praise. These playful commands are fun challenges that foster trust and engagement.

    Ready for another fun challenge with your pet? Here are a few advanced tricks that not only entertain but strengthen your bond. Begin with
    Roll Over - a trick that demands trust. After your dog lies down, guide a treat from their nose around to their shoulder. As they roll over, reward and cheer them on!

    For those looking for a unique challenge, the
    Balance Challenge is perfect. With your dog in a sit position, balance a treat (like our Peanutty Paws) on their nose. Command them to "wait." After a moment, allow them to snatch it up as a reward. These exercises foster patience, impulse control, and deeper trust. Remember, it's all about bonding and celebrating those small victories with your furry companion.

    Have fun training and bonding! And if you're up to it, I'd love to see pics or videos! You can send those to me at ava@avaspetpalace.com!