International Cat Day

Hey guys, Ava here!! Today is International Cat Day. 

Today is a day to show love to all of our cats with snuggles and treats!

Pumpkin will definitely be getting spoiled with lots of love and his favorite, salmon nuggets.

We adopted Pumpkin when he was 2 and so was I. He was my very first furry friend and my very best friend :) Pumpkin is now 14 years old like me and of course, is still my best friend (Lacy is included too hahaha).

I’m sure you guys already know this, but I love learning about animals. I did some research on cool things cats do and I found some pretty interesting stuff! Cats will head bump you as a way of saying “I love you”. When cats leave you gifts (maybe mice or birds) that’s their way of thanking us for all we do for them.

When cats knead with their paws it can mean they are relaxed and content or it’s taking them back to their days of doing that to their fur mom.

And lastly, cats will eat plants as a way to show their stomach is upset and they find it comforting or they simply just want your attention! Pumpkin has done all of these things and it’s so cool to finally know what they mean :)

Some of Pumpkin's favorite things to do are go around and take walks in our backyard (with me of course), eat his favorite foods and treats, snuggle with my family (he LOVES being in my mom's hair hahaha), take our seats on the couch and meow until he gets attention! He's really good at the last one!

Cats have actually always been one of my favorite animals because of how sweet, laid back and nice they can be. Pumpkin has been sleeping on my pillow since forever and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m always looking for new ways to spend time with Pumpkin and bond with him! Jackson Galaxy, one of my favorite animal influencers on YouTube has so many cool videos that I’m sure you guys would love to check out.

Thanks guys and remember to spoil your furry friends with lots of treats and love today, see ya! :)