It's April Already Guys! Q1 Update

Hey guys, Ava here! It's already April (I can't believe it) so I wanted to take some time to look back at the accomplishments for Ava’s Pet Palace last quarter and do a little recap. But first I want to thank you all for your support of me and my business. Whether it’s buying from my website or sharing on social media, I appreciate it so very much!!:)

As many of you know I talk about wanting to donate even more, whether it’s my time, money or treats. Because of your support, I'm especially excited to donate approx. $700 in cash and gifts to one of my favorite rescuers, Calvin Tucker @blacknoah1 on Instagram! I love all of all the work he does with rescuing animals and providing them safe living spaces. It truly is so amazing to me. It’s so interesting to see his videos on IG on all of the different animals he saves daily! Also, thanks to you guys, donations also went to The Buddy Foundation (January) and to Joeys P.A.W. (March) who provides to dogs that are in need of a wheelchair or prosthetic.

I spent a Saturday at Tortie & Co, the retail location of One Tail at a Time, where 100% of the proceeds go to support their organization! I got to pet the cutest kitties and donated over 30 bags of treats. My treats are also now available in their shop too!

Sharing time and advice is something that is so fun and special for me to do. I’ve done many cool things with amazing people in the past, and more recently, I spoke to a 7th grade class over zoom. It was so amazing to see all of the kids who have passions that they are pursuing, in addition to the rewarding feeling of being able to be an inspiration to kids all over! I also did a podcast (it hasn't been released yet) and an IG Live with @CrimSonthecavapoo on @Dogsofinstagram's page! I'm sure I missed something, but thank you to everyone I talked with over the last 3 months!

We added a few new pet accessories to my store! I am super excited about the Treat Pouch Dispenser and I'm so glad you guys are too! I also designed some new collars and leashes (yep, right in Canva!) and those are on my site too! I have a few more things I'm working on and can't wait to share!

My parents and I attended the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, March 21-25! Wow, it was nothing short of amazing. We met so many awesome people in the pet industry. And my treats are now in even more specialty pet locations around the nation!  If you're in California, you'll  soon see my treats in all ALL of the Pet Food Express locations too! I was really happy and excited to be the youngest business owner in attendance. They actually had to change the age limit just so that I could go and that also helped a few more kids get to attend this year too! How cool is that?!

PS guys, if you're looking for custom Laptop Stickers​​, make sure you check out Sticker Mule! Just look at how cute my laptop is!