My Birthday Wishes

Hey guys, Ava here!! I just turned 14 and wanted to thank all of you guys for making this last year so amazing. Lets have another amazing year:)) 

Ava and Lacy

I’m super excited about joining the 14 club for many reasons, but the biggest of all, I’m staring high school in August!! I’m pretty nervous, but definitely excited for the new journey. Exciting things are happening for Ava's Pet Palace in this next year too!

This past year I wasn't able to do shows or events and I've missed them, but I’m excited that in the near future I’ll be able to do that again and meet different people in the animal community and people's furry friends.

I've been thinking about my birthday wishes for turning 14.

Maybe now I can get my horse haha, that’s a good one, but some more “realistic” dreams for this year are having a good freshman year of high school, being able to volunteer at animal shelters again (one of my all time favorite thing to do:)) doing more things (events/demos) for my business because I think we all know 2020 was a very different year, hanging out with my friends more and continuing my horse riding lessons (my second fav thing to do). I enjoy listening to kpop and I know this one is a reach, but I would love to go to a concert of my favorite groups sometime!! And lastly I had to add this one, leveling up every aspect of my business!

As you guys probably know I have a huge heart for rescue animals💕 Both of my furry friends were actually adopted. I, of course, love all animal, but rescues have a special place in my heart. There are so many animals already in shelters and even more come in everyday to the point where it’s just too many. Some shelters are so full that they have to turn down taking in animals that may really need help. I believe it’s so important to adopt (if your able to) animals from your local shelter when looking for a furry family member. There are just so many that need loving homes.

I wish that all animals in these shelters find loving forever, safe family’s!

Many animal shelters offer a foster program for the animals in their shelters; this means that while you're not this animal's forever home you will take care of them instead of them staying in a shelter that is usually overcrowded. Fosters are very helpful in every aspect for our furry friends giving them a safe, loving family! If you’ve been following me for a while you might know that I’ve had a few fosters in the past and Lacy was actual a foster failure, which means we were supposed to just foster her, but I couldn’t let her go!!

With all of that being said, supporting shelters in any way you can is an amazing thing you can do💓💓