My Journey As A Black Business Owner

As I continue to grow my business I realize my voice is more important and bigger than I once believed. As a business owner in this industry, which doesn't include many people of color, I am honored to be one of the voices that can make a difference. I ultimately want to be an advocate and funnel for minority pet industry professionals.

Almost every time I’m interviewed I’m asked what advice would you give to other kids who have a business idea or dream and my answer is always the same: Choose something you love and GO FOR IT! Don’t let a bump in the road stop you. If it’s something you’re truly passionate about its worth moving past that bump! And hard work pays off!

I understand that as a young black woman the odds may not always be in my favor. And that's why I find a great sense of joy and fulfillment in being a role model to young black girls, including my two little sisters. Maybe someone will see me and think, I can do that too.