Summer Tips To Keep Your Dogs And Cats Cool

Hey guys, Ava here!

This week I visited our veterinarian, not for Lacy and Pumpkin this time, but to talk to the owner about having my treats in their clinic! I'm so excited that the meeting went so well and soon they'll be offering my yummy treats to their customers!

Ava's Visit To The Vet

As my mom and I were leaving and walking into the heat we were passed by a panting pup. This made me think about how hot our pups can get in the heat and sun so today I wanted to share some tips for keeping them cool!

This has been one hot summer for us in Chicago and I’m sure for some of you guys as well. When I get hot outside I like to have ice water or maybe ice cream. But did you know that our furry friends also get extremely hot during the summer and it’s very important to help them keep cool in various ways.

Keep You Pets Cool This Summer
One of the most important things you can do for your pups is keep their feet protected. The ground outside can get very hot and that can damage our pup's paws especially if they already have sensitive paws. To help this when you go outside place the back of your hand on the ground and if it’s too hot to hold for 5 seconds that means it's probably not safe for your pup either.

Lots and lots of water is important to make sure they stay hydrated especially when it's really hot and very sunny. You can make your very own icy treats, even if it's just a frozen ice pop you let them lick.

Making sure their outside space is covered can help with not only heat but also sunburn! You can get a small pool too! Lacy isn’t the biggest fan of water, but many dogs enjoy being in the water so that is a fun way to keep them cool! :) Having a cooling bed or *cold* wet towel for them to lay on can also help.

Lastly, make sure you know the signs of over heating!

These are some very fun and easy ways to keep our furry friends safe from the sun and prevent overheating this summer. Lacy and I will definitely be doing these as well! :)