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Where all pets are royalty! 🐶🐱👑

I love pets, the same way they love us. That's why I make small batch pet treats with simple, organic real food ingredients. To keep your pets happy, healthy, and feeling great.

Nutritious and delicious. Dog and cat approved! 🐶🐱❤️

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Why you and your pets will love Ava's treats! 💖

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Hi, I'm Ava. 💖👋

Welcome to Ava's Pet Palace! I'm so glad you're here. All people and pets are welcomed and loved here.

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So much love, thank you! 🙌


"Got our @avaspetpalace treats in the mail ♥️ Can’t decide if I like cheeze or peanutty more. Guess I’ll keep taste testing 🐾 Highly recommend these delicious homemade treats!"


"Guys!!! You gotta get your pawrents to order you treats from @avaspetpalace!! She's a kid-entrepreneur and a small black owned business!! Our box came this week and now they're our favorites ever! Seriously, doooooo it!"


"Special delivery! Kicking off the week with these delish treats from @avaspetpalace. 🤤 Which one should I try first: Ava’s Bingos Oat & Banana Medley🍌, Ava’s Cheeze Pleeze Bites🧀, or Ava’s Peanutty Paw Cookies🥜? Maybe I’ll just have to try them all! 😋 Thank you for making these scrumptious treats, Ava! 🥰"


"Our @avaspetpalace cookies arrived today! Well worth the wait! Such yummy and healthy treats for the pups from such a sweet girl 💗✨ (also they smell super good!! especially those peanut butter ones!)"


"LOOK WHAT CAME IN 🥳these treats are not only delicious 😋 but the company is owned by the most inspiring young (13 y/o) female entrepreneur! 🤩 thank you @avaspetpalace 💕💕"


"Ava! You have the best dog treats! The only dog treats that don’t hurt my dogs lil tummy. Thank you!"

Holly C.

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