Lacy's Tail Waggin' Taster Box

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Get ready for a tail-wagging adventure with Lacy's Tail Waggin' Taster Box! This sampler box is a tribute to Lacy, our chief treat tester and the inspiration behind our delectable creations.

Lacy's Taster box is packed with all six of our dog treats – you'll find two or three servings of each flavor, perfect for discovering which one tickles your pup's taste buds the most, travel or as a gift!

What’s inside Lacy’s Taster Box? The cutest sample bags of each yummy dog treat, including:

  • Snappin' Salmon
  • Turkey Poppers
  • Salmon Puffs
  • Cheeze Pleeze
  • Gone Bananas
  • Peanutty Paws

Lacy's Tail Waggin' Taster Box is the ideal way for your pup to sample our diverse range of nutritious and scrumptious treats. We’ve carefully crafted each treat with wholesome, natural ingredients, so you know you’re giving your pup nothing but the best.

Whether your dog is an adventurous eater or has a particular palate, Lacy's Tail Waggin' Taster Box is a fun and exciting way to discover their new favorite treat. Let’s make snack time a joyous and healthy ritual!

Please visit each treat page individually for specific product info.

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