Freeze Dried Dog Treats - Turkey Poppers
Freeze Dried Dog Treats - Turkey Poppers
Freeze Dried Dog Treats - Turkey Poppers
Freeze Dried Dog Treats - Turkey Poppers
Freeze Dried Dog Treats - Turkey Poppers

Freeze Dried Dog Treats - Turkey Poppers

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Get ready to spoil your pup with a new level of deliciousness and health benefits!

Indulge your beloved pup in the exceptional taste and health benefits of our Turkey Poppers. These freeze-dried poppers are a combination of high-quality, lean turkey and the wholesome goodness of pumpkin, crafted in small batches right here in the USA. Each crunchy nugget is not just a treat; it's a healthful addition to your dog's diet, embodying our commitment to purity, quality, and nutritional integrity.

Why Choose Turkey Poppers:

  • Superior Protein Source: Our leading ingredient, high-quality turkey, provides your pet with lean protein essential for muscle health and vitality, setting a foundation for a happy, active life.
  • Rich in Nutrients: Beyond protein, turkey offers a wealth of nutrients, including B vitamins for energy and brain health, and minerals like phosphorus and selenium for strong bones and antioxidant protection.
  • Pumpkin Power: We enrich Turkey Poppers with pumpkin to deliver a fiber-rich treat that supports digestive health, along with a bounty of vitamins (A, C, and E) and minerals that bolster the immune system and promote a lustrous coat.
  • Hypoallergenic Properties: Turkey is a fantastic alternative for dogs with sensitivities, being less likely to trigger food allergies compared to common proteins like beef or chicken.
  • Easily Digestible: The lean nature of turkey ensures that Turkey Poppers are gentle on your dog's digestive system, ideal for pets with sensitive stomachs.
  • Raw Diet Compatibility: Freeze-dried to preserve their nutritional integrity, Turkey Poppers are an excellent match for pets on a raw diet, offering the benefits of raw ingredients without any of the inconvenience.
  • Pure & Simple: Free from fillers, artificial preservatives, grains, and gluten, our treats stand for simplicity and purity.
  • Variety in Diet: Introducing turkey into your dog's diet adds delicious variety, encouraging a broad intake of nutrients and keeping their meals exciting.
  • Crafted with Care in the USA: Sourced from trusted suppliers and made in controlled, small batches, Turkey Poppers are a testament to our dedication to your pet's health and happiness. 
  • Versatility: Whether used as a training reward, a tasty meal topper, or simply as a way to show your dog some extra love, Turkey Poppers are designed to be a delicious, nutritious part of your dog's day.

By choosing Turkey Poppers, you're not just choosing a treat; you're choosing a healthier, happier lifestyle for your furry companion. Our commitment to quality ingredients and nutritional excellence ensures that with every bite, your dog receives the very best.

Each Bag is 3 oz.

  Crude Protein 46% min
Crude Fat 19% min
Crude Fiber 4% max
Moisture 8% max

Ingredients:  Turkey, Turkey Liver, Pumpkin, Mixed Tocopherols (natural preservative)
Kcal/kg.: 3,607
Kcal/oz: 102
Kcal/ piece: Less than 4

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